A visual journal exploring the birds of Inwood and Northern Manhattan

by Teri Tynes – writer, photographer, and illustrator


Observations, ideas, and wonderings on birds encountered in the landscape.

  • American Robins Arrive and Sing

    American Robins Arrive and Sing

    Many American Robins returned to Inwood Hill Park this week. They gave the appearance of being a little dazed, as if they had suddenly been transported from another space and time to this wild hilly place of tall old trees adjacent to a big river. The robins were singing their song not heard here in… Read more

  • An Early Morning Photo Session with a Red-tailed Hawk

    An Early Morning Photo Session with a Red-tailed Hawk

    A few days ago, as I started my morning walk to the park, a guy practicing his tennis strokes on the courts next to the 207th Street entrance to Inwood Hill Park noticed my camera and then pointed to a large hawk perched on a low branch nearby. The next day, I saw the same… Read more

  • The Blues of Blue Jays

    The Blues of Blue Jays

    Blue Jays may often be noisy and active, especially in groups, but when still, their various shades of blue makes these jays dazzling to the eye. A primary color, blue is a popular color choice among humans, perhaps because of its association with skies and oceans. The color is cool as opposed to warm. On… Read more

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